Agisoft Standard

Agisoft Standard



Photogrammetric triangulation:

Processing of various types of imagery: aerial (nadir, oblique) & close-range.

Auto calibration: frame (incl. fisheye), spherical & cylindrical cameras.

Multi camera projects support.


Dense point cloud generation:

Elaborate model editing for accurate results.

.LAS export to benefit from classical point data processing workflow.

3D model: generation and texturing

Various scenes: archaeological sites, artifacts, buildings, interiors, people, etc.

Direct upload Sketchfab resource and export to varios popular formats.

Photorealistic textures: HDR and multifile support.

Panorama stitching

3D reconstruction for data captured from the same camera position — camera station, provided that at least 2 camera stations are present.

360° panorama stitching for one camera station data.


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