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A7 Smart Plug for AIR Commander


AIR Commander A7 Smart plug is external power & control device for,
Sony A7 first and second series cameras.

For A7 third and fourth series click HERE




The AIR Commander A7 Smart Plug is compatible with Sony all cameras with NP-FW50 battery

The battery plug is a multi-functional device that powers the camera from your gimbals 12V power, and adds functions to AIR Commander System. Never worry about a drained camera battery in mid-air. The Smart plug is connected to AIR Commander receiver and becomes part of the system.

Function controlled by A7 Smart plug:

  • Shutter speed dial (wheel)
  • Aperture dial (wheel)
  • Shutter button with burst photo series
  • AF/MF button
  • C1 + C2 custom function buttons
  • Signal strength status on the camera screen

The Smart Plug is compatible with Sony A7 series only.

  • Weight 13g (original Sony FW-50 battery weight is 43g).
  • Input voltage 12V 2A

Included is JST connection cable and Gremsy PWT OUT connection cable.

Weight .25 lbs




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