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A9 Smart plug for AIR Commander


AIR Commander A9 Smart plug is external power & control device for
Sony A9
Sony A7 III
Sony A7R III
Sony A7R IV
(and others with NP-FZ100 battery)


For Sony A7 first and second series cameras click HERE



The AIR Commander A9 Smart Plug is compatible with Sony all cameras with NP-FZ100 battery.

The battery plug is a multi-functional device that powers the camera from your gimbals 12V power, and adds functions to AIR Commander System. Never worry about a drained camera battery in mid-air. The Smart plug is connected to AIR Commander receiver and becomes part of the system.

Function controlled by A9 Smart plug:

  • Shutter speed dial (wheel)
  • Aperture dial (wheel)
  • Shutter button with burst photo series
  • C1 + C2 custom function buttons


  • Weight 15g (original Sony FZ-100 battery weight is 85g).
  • Input voltage 12V 2A

Included is JST connection cable and Gremsy PWT OUT connection cable.

Weight .25 lbs




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