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AIR Commander – Phase One iXM Camera Kit (Full Camera Control)


Compatible with both DJI and Pixhawk based Flight Controllers!

Allows for simple camera control as well as geotagging with GPS/RTK


**PLEASE NOTE – When using the AIR Commander system with a DJI Flight Controller, the Matrice M600 Remote Channel Expansion Kit and a PPM converter are required**


The AIR Commander Entire is able to control almost all cameras on the market in a simple way on both DJI A3 and Pixhawk based flight controllers.

AIR Commander also provides an incredibly simple geotagging solution, where your GPS / RTK coordinates go directly into JPG/RAW photos in the camera SD card. With the optional Gremsy gimbal geotagging kit, you even have access to more precise positioning with the ability to imbed gimbal angles on 3 axis to your photos.


This kit is custom tailored for the Phase One iXM series of cameras. It includes all the necessary power and control cables for the camera. AIR Commander Entire includes standard micro-USB cable for camera connection however, the PhaseOne Kit includes special LEMO connectors and an adapter unit. This product contains a set of two cables and converter unit where one LEMO connector is used for camera control, and second for GPS / Angles transfer.

This set enables the Entire to fully control aperture, white balance, ISO, as well as trigger photos and more. Geotagging includes GPS and Attitude (camera angle) tagging directly to the EXIF if images in the camera.


AirPixels’s MavCam camera control app brings many new features to the Herelink controller. Full camera control for almost any camera brand, MavCam will also provide control and overview for geotagging features. Last but not least, if you have Gremsy gimbal, MavCam will provide tuning tool for easy and in-flight stiffness / power tuning. MavCam is overlay app so can work with any control app – QGC / Solex / MissionPlanner


Weight 1 lbs




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