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Ascent Aerosystems Spirit Core

Unparalleled Performance and Flexibility with a Minimal Airframe Design

Spirit is a dependable, all-weather, high-performance unmanned aerial vehicle designed and built in the USA.

Ascent Aerosystems Spirit Platform joins DIU Blue sUAS 2.0 Cleared List

Beginning immediately, any US Government customer can buy and operate a Spirit without further technical review or approval.


Spirit is the Ideal Platform for Mission Critical Operations

The Coaxial Advantage

Compact and Modular
Enterprise levels require solutions that are practical in the field. Spirit is compact and modular to support a growing ecosystem of easily swappable payloads and technology upgrades so it is easy to bring what’s needed, where it’s needed, when it’s needed. No more high-stakes takeoffs that compromise capability against bulky, heavy equipment. Setup is quick and easy, allowing for takeoff from any type of terrain.

Rugged and All-weather
Spirit’s rugged, all-weather airframe is protected against contamination so it can operate reliably in any weather, even in heavy rain, sleet, snow, and sand.

Versatile and Adaptable
Spirit’s design allows for the integration of emerging technology and a growing ecosystem of payloads, power sources, and launch methods that will support your mission today and tomorrow.


Payload Options
One versatile platform for the payloads you have today and the ones you’ll need tomorrow.

Two identical attach points allow plug-and-play modules to be quickly configured for any mission, and with nearly 10 pounds available, you can add additional batteries for longer flight times, or swap payload modules to suit each mission.

• Top and bottom quick-attach fittings
• Payloads and batteries can be mounted or stacked on either point as necessary
• Modules lock and unlock with a simple twist
• Generous CG envelope accommodates a wide range of configurations


Ascent Aerosystems