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E386 Fixed Wing Mapper


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Air Supply

Event38’s E386 is the perfect medium-size fixed wing mapper. For long-range/ high acreage areas to large mines, the E386 can cover some ground with a significant payload integrated. The E386 is completely customizeable with different payload options and your choice in Georeference systems.


Complete Autonomy From Launch-to-Landing

The E386 offers launch and recovery capability unprecedented in its class, capable of fully autonomous takeoff, flight, and landing. Long endurance aircraft often require a larger space for recovery. The E386 overcomes this limitation by diving steeply toward the recovery zone and using reverse throttle to bring the aircraft quickly to a stop. An onboard laser rangefinder ensures an accurate flare and soft touchdown. If you have a 25 by 65 meter (27 by 71 yards) area free of major obstacles, you can land the E386 by simply entering the beginning and end of the clear area into Mission Planner.


Package Includes:

  • Complete, Flight Tested Autonomous E386 Drone
    • Powered by 3D Robotics Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • Flight Planning and Control Software for Autonomous Flight (Includes GPS and Flight Data Log)
  • Professional Handheld Remote Controller
  • Long Range Ground Station Monitoring and Command Radio
  • 1 Flight Battery and Rapid Charger – 4 Cell, 8.0 Ah LiPo
  • Custom Hard-Shell Carrying Case
  • Online Operations Manual
  • Tutorial Videos




E386 in Action

Camera/ Sensor/ Payload

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Camera Options


Mission Planning



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