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Freefly Extended ALTA Spacer for ALTA 8 only


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Increase Field of View to enable new, dramatic shots when shooting GroundView on ALTA. The Freefly Extended ALTA Spacer lowers the MōVI an additional 72mm (2.8”) below the chassis, increasing FOV and allowing you to fly faster and more aggressively without the booms coming into view. For a typical setup with 24mm lens, this equates to >5m/s (10mph) faster allowable flight speed without disrupting the shot.

The Freefly Extended ALTA spacer integrates with our standard Toad-In-The-Hole quick release mount system. The adapter is built into the extended spacer to keep overall system weight low.

Recommended for ALTA 8 only.

Weight: 70g

Shipping weight: 1 lb

Weight 1 lbs