Gremsy Damping Plate Pro

Gremsy Damping Plate Pro




Gremsy’s Damping Plate Pro is the most durable Gimbal dampener for Large scael applications. With sophisticated Rubber Damping Units in 4 strategic locations. The Damping Plate Pro is for even the largest payloads. Compatible with th eGremsyS, H and T Series gimbal systems.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs

In The Box


  • Weight: 170g
  • Designed for 12mm diameter tube
  • Distance range 137mm – 169mm

**Package not including 2 carbon tubes

In The Box

Damping Plate Pro x1
Silicone Balls (1.5mm – red) x16
Silicone Balls (2.0mm – blue) x16
Silicone Balls (2.5mm – green) x16



  • Which rubber should I use for my set up?


  The following is the weight that each piece can handles:

  • RED: 200 grams/piece
  • BLUE: 400 grams/piece
  • GREEN: 600 grams/ piece

In your setup, the amount of them depends on the weight of both gimbal and the camera + lens (included extra components if available).


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