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Gremsy Geotagging Cable Set


Gremsy cable set for the Entire R3 allowing geotagging operations

This cable set enables the Entire to read gimbal angles directly from your Gremsy gimbal and grab GPS/RTK position from the PixHawk/DJI with a clean installation via the Gremsy AUX port.
This set is compatible with Gremsy T3V3, S1V3 and the T7


This cable set allows a clean geotagging installation of the Entire R3 on any Gremsy V3 gimbal without any hanging cables. The Entire is able to read gimbal angles and GPS position from the DJI/PixHawk flight Controller. Alternately it includes the ability to integrate with an Emlid M+ or M2 GPS unit for 3rd Party RTK

Included are all the cables and connectors for connecting of the Entire to the flight controller (DJI or PixHawk) via the Gremsy AUX & COM ports, as well as a Power Adaptor with Gremsy connection cable for easy powering of the Entire R3.

A HotShoe connector with an upgraded design allows the camera to still mount to the gimbal and yet still sense a trigger pulse.

Cable set contains:
– 1x Sony multiport USB cable
– 1x DJI API cable
– 1x Pixhawk Cube cable
– 1x Hotshoe connector
– 1x Hotshoe cable
– 2x Universal cable
– 1x AUX interconnection board
– 1x AUX-AUX connection cable
– 1x COM-COM connection cable
– 1x Power Adaptor with Gremsy connection cable
– 1x Extension BOX
– 2x SBUS/PWM cable
– 1x Screws and distance ring set

Weight .5 lbs




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