Gremsy S1V3 Bundle for A6000 Series

Gremsy S1V3 Bundle for A6000 Series


This bundle supports you in installing A6000/A6300/A6500 on Gremsy S1V3, beneath the drone system and connects easily to:

Power the camera from PWT port from tilt case gimbal via S1V3- Sony Dummy Battery
Control the video record start/stop, zoom, 2 Auto photo modes, manual photo mode, camera on/off and timelapse via S1V3 – Seagul #REC and Cable Set



Reference Setup



Gremsy is the leader in light-weight, heavy-duty commercial gimbals. Built for both cinema and industrial applications, Gremsy makes the sleekest gimbals for easy setup and operation. With complete pass-through wiring, the gimbals offer a clean look that can be customized for any drone or any payload.


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