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Gremsy T3 Phase One IXM Mounting Kit for DJI M600


  • IXM Adapter Plate for Gremsy T3V3 and Gremsy T7 Gimbals
  • Micro HDMi to Micro HDMI cable (for Top of Gimbal)
  • Micro HDMI to Full HDMI Cable (for Bottom of Gimbal)
  • Lemo Power Cable for Camera Power
  • Dual Lemo to Canbus Cable for DJI Integration (2 Pieces)
  • 150g Counterweight for T3V3 Balancing
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Complete Camera Control for Phase One IXM 50 and IXM 100 Cameras with Grmesy Mounting Bracket, Lemo Connector Cables and HDMI cables.



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Gremsy is the leader in lightweight, heavy-duty commercial gimbals. Built for both cinema and industrial applications, Gremsy makes the sleekest gimbals for easy setup and operation. With complete pass-through wiring, the gimbals offer a clean look that can be customized for any drone or any payload. We are one of the authorized Gremsy distributors in North America. If you are looking to Buy Gremsy Gimbals Product Online then you are at the right place. We carry a wide range of Gremsy gimbal Gimbals products & Gremsy Accessories which includes:
  • Gremsy Accessories like damper, cables, BEC and spare parts for Gremsy Gimbals.
  • Gremsy Gimbals - Camera gimbal stabilizers for drones & UAVs.

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