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Quad Questions QQ190


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The QQ 190 is the perfect Ready-To-Fly Racing Quad for starters or for Experienced FPV Pilots.


Featuring a symmetrical X layout, a state-of-the art electronics stack, and an incredible power-to-weight ratio the pre-built QQ190 Racing Drone is going to transform your expectations of the ready to fly experience.


Ready to fly and compete


The QQ190 RTF FPV Racing Drone is ready to fly out of the box – you simply add a radio system such as an FrSky or Spectrum, FPV goggles or other viewing device, LipPo battery and you are off to the races.


Advanced, Cutting Edge Drone Technology

The QQ190 RTF FPV Racing drone features an advanced electronics package engineered and manufactured by Team-Blacksheep. Team Blacksheep is a known leader in the drone racing industry and their stifling innovation is leaving the rest of the industry behind.

The Drone features a state-of-the-art electronics package including a Colibri F3 flight controller, 2-in-1 20A escs with BlHeli-S firmware, and an integrated power-adjustable video transmitter.  It features 2 camera options, the base QQMicroCam CMOS camera, and an upgraded high grade camera option.  Everything is tied together with full graphic TBS Core Pro on-screen display (OSD) that not only gives you fighter pilot style gauges overlayed onto your video feed, but also allows for easy configuration of most drone settings on the fly without the need for a computer.

No More Soldering

Building, flying, and repairing racing drones has traditionally been difficult due to the level of technological know-how, that one needs to know to get the job done.  The solution is to is the QQ190’s modular component system.  The QQ190 RTF eliminates the hassle that comes with building racing drones and makes it so that components are easily changed on the fly.  Motors can be removed and replaced in minutes. The powercube racing stack at the heart of the QQ190 can be taken apart and repaired with minimal hardware removal.  In fact, you can rebuild the entire drone using only 3 tools.

Designed by leaders of the drone racing industry

QuadQuestions has teamed up with Team-Blacksheep, T-motor, and many pilots around the world to come up with the QQ190 RTF Racing Drone.

We have followed the trends of the drone industry and worked with top pilots first hand to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t.  After hundreds of hours, and many redesigns, trashed ideas, and community feedback, we have come up with the QQ190 RTF

The result is a drone that works for Top tier pilots and beginners alike.

Symmetrical Balanced and ideal design

The QQ190 RTF FPV Racing Drone is symmetrical in many ways, from having equidistant motors, to having a center mounted mass.  This means that the copter flies like a fighter jet, turns on a dime, naturally rights itself, and is balanced from the core.  The result of this design is a copter that flies in a way that seems to almost defy physics.

  • Designed to be Light weight with speed and agility in mind.
  • Approved for Multi-GP 3s and 4s classes
  • Supported – QuadQuestions and TBS will help you every step of the way






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