S1/S1V2 Power and Control Cables for Wiris Pro/Non M600

S1/S1V2 Power and Control Cables for Wiris Pro/Non M600


S1 – Power/Control Cables for Wiris Pro/non-M600 is a set cable come with

S1 – Control Cables for Wiris Pro/non-M600 display the same connector like Wiris Pro original cables, are used to connect 10-pin digital port and support the following control ports and interfaces:

– Can bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible) – this cable was integrated Camera CAN and gimbal CAN in one connector.
– Mavlink
– Possibility of connection to external GPS
– External trigger

S1 – Power Cable for Wiris Pro combined with S1 – UBEC are used to power the camera (plug in PWT IN port) from drone battery.



S1 – AUX Wiring Diagram

Wiris Pro Wiring Diagram



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