Seagull #MAP-X2

Seagull #MAP-X2


UAV Precision Camera Trigger / Logger



The ultimate precision is the goal and that’s what such technology gets you to. Our goal was always to have the most advanced feature rich camera trigger that would be able to produce exact position of where photo was captured and this goal is fulfilled by #MAP-X2.

#MAP-X2 is an essential tool for the professional that is serious about precision and efficiency, where there are no time for errors. If you are working within Photography, Geomapping, Agriculture Analysis, 3D modelling or similar fields within surveillance where you need utmost precision then this product is the only way to go.

  • High data rate sampling – 4Hz MB, 5Hz RTK, 10Hz RAW, 10Hz GNSS
  • Direct camera feedback – 1:1 ratio between photos & coordinates
  • Various trigger modes – SHOE-STATE, ACT, PWM, BUTTON, TIMELAPSE
  • Trigger and LOG  with or without SYNC feedback
  • Easy geotagging – Pix4D, EXIF
  • IMU compatible – increased precision for ORTOPHOTO and 3D model processes
  • Extensive camera compatibility – simply switch to a different camera cable
  • Wide range of Flight Controllers supported – navigation and triggering!
  • Modular design – compatible with existing and future Seagull products
  • Multiple brand GNSS receivers supported!


Representation of #X2 with #GPK GNSS receivers, #RADIO, #IMU and #SYNC2






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