Seagull #MAP2

Seagull #MAP2


Remote Camera Trigger

AF-T ( 1 sec pre-autofocus – then trigger )

• IS-T ( instant trigger – as soon as camera locks focus )

Camera On/Off Only with Sony “MULTI” interfaced cameras! )

Timelapse ( Shutter release with variable time interval )

Keep-alive ( Sony QX1 keep-alive function, prevents camera from auto power off )



Trigger your Camera Remotely when working within UAV Aerial photography, Geomapping, Agricultural analysis, 3D modelling or something else.

Introducing the Seagull #MAP2 !

#MAP2 is controlled by a standard PWM servo signal from your R/C receiver and/or Flight Controllers like 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6, DJI Wookong, DJI A2, A3 as well as many others with camera support.


NEW: #MAP2 now also features a “Timelapse” feature and a highly requested “Keep-alive” feature for Sony’s QX1 camera, that prevents the auto-power off after 2 minutes.
Users of Sony Multi cameras can also enjoy the “Camera On/Off” feature and protect their compact camera lens on fixed wing platforms – by switching OFF the camera before landing.
When used on multirotor platforms, this can minimize the risk of dust getting to the retractable lens mechanism during takeoffs and landings.


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