T3V2 Canbus/Power Cable for Connex Mini Air Unit

T3V2 Canbus/Power Cable for Connex Mini Air Unit


This Cable allows users to power their Connex Mini wireless system from Canbus ports on the Gremsy T3.

It allows seamless integration and powering of the Connex Mini wireless system onto the pan axis.

** Please note that you may need to add T1/T3 – AUX to Connex Mini Air Unit Power Cable if you want to mount Connex Mini onto Tilt cage.




Cable length: 12cm

Pin out:

Blue     : CL (Can_L)
Green   : CH (Can_H)
Yellow  : GND
Orange : +12v
Red      : +12v
Brown  : GND



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Weight 0.1 lbs


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