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What We Do

Prime Contracting

With Years of experience operating commercial UAS on projects in the Ag, Forestry, Survey, and inspection industries; we have developed a knack for project management and successful and timely project delivery. Have a project in mind? Let us handle the mapping, modeling, image collection or even image processing. We have a network of highly-trained pilots to scale any industry big or small.

Government Sales

Air-Supply has a successful track record of providing equipment to the US ARMY and the US NAVY as well as many other state and federal Government agencies. We are happy to provide quotes for any and all equipment or services requested. We are well versed with the online registries and guarantee to delivery anything requested in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Corporate Training

Any industry can benefit from continued education, and in Aviation it is imperative. It takes one small mishap to devastate an organization. Make sure your entire team is up to speed on all Regulations, Operations, and safety requirements. Contact us for designated knowledge-based and hands-on training for your entire staff!


Is your organization looking for answers? We Love to Help! With ongoing projects in virtually all UAS industry sectors, we can say with confidence; We know what to do.
Whether it’s regulatory hurdles, equipment integrations, or operational-based information you seek; we can help your Enterprise come to fruition. Reach out for a free preliminary consultation.